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There’s always a particular venue in some cities that drives us mad to go back to visit it and revisit.. and again and again, a kind of enthusiastic loop, where we might find our new identity in a place that.

In Florence, there’s a hidden gem named “BJØRK”, a shop, but probably too restrictive call it just a shop,  that translate the contemporary garments for the Fiorentini (Florentians) where, in Florence, their way of dressing is accustomed and taken for granted, yet the city is known as one of the man’s fashion capital.

If you have the chance to stop for a sneak peek, you won’t be disappointed.. and if you don’t have the opportunity.. well you’d better find it because they do “SELL NICE THINGS”

 Bjork Florence – Via dello Sprone 25R, Florence 

Bjork Florence – Via dello Sprone, 25R, 50125 Firenze FI

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