Coffee is always a good excuse for everything; from seeing your friends, a healthy chit chat, fueling your lazy morning, a rushy date with unidentified someone or whatever can be a pleasing alibi just to take that small sip of caffeine from that photogenic piece of mug. In Italy, the caffè culture is a state of mind, or more or less part of the lives of the people here…coffee is quite at the same level of the wine that runs through their veins, this explains all the energy and hand gestures they do while they speak.

Anyway,  I am pleased to share with you

 a lovely place where to stop by for a rich breakfast or brunch or just for a cappuccino and of course for the fancy things that this place resembles. It’s not just a coffee shop, inside there’s a Flower shop, a Designed Shop and a very lavish restaurant with very long tables and a covered courtyard along with delightful green friends that surround it. You should check it out yourself if you have the opportunity to stop by at this charming place in an odd center street of Florence.



La Ménagère – Via dè Ginori 4/10r , Firenze