Many of us surely possess a pair of “khaki” chinos stored in our closets that we brought with us during warmer days of spring and summer, an evergreen garment, notably versatile to wear in various situation. But, it is relevant to have a staple requirement to wear the right one that goes along with different styles, which in this case is the range length of the shorts, 7-9 inseam is the perfect measures. Well, if you have enough confidence, you can pull off 5 inseam shorts with no issue. If ever you thought that color is an obstacle, don’t worry about it…any color is suitable to play with, instinct will guide you what to combine the overall look.

Going straight to the topic, I invite you to join me in reviewing the following looks I applied using one garment in five different outfits.

1. Sunday Brunch  

Morning brings the breezy air, a warm cotton sweater (from J. Crew) can be a good Idea to layer on A classic checkered shirt. It may look very plain, but the shirt’s micro patterns add that smart detail to keep it refined. Oh yeah, don’t forget to put up a pair of comfortable kicks (sneakers from New Balance) eventually for early morning walks well after a heavy breakfast, perhaps.





2. Varsity Update

Sometimes one of the reasons for attending clou events or university lectures is to present yourself “Cool” enough to be noticed by the other students or by your teacher crushes, isn’t it? Anyway, you can pull off your varsity jacket in this situation and add some smart touch by wearing a tie that stands out on your overall look. Don’t forget to wear your smart brogue shoes as well, so to follow the «fil rouge» of your style topic.






3. Creative Meeting

Know this: not all of the companies approve a certain dress code at work, especially if you don’t have any form of higher degree at your office. But If ever you are an extremely rich kid or the boss yourself and have the “IMAGE” of someone important in a big company… I think you have all the rights to expose yourself in shorts, of course along with a fancy tie and a slim double breasted blazer for a modish touch.




4. Downtown Aperitif  

A rush into an aperitif with your friends may give you a hard time to choose the right outfit to go with. This can be A very easy one to do because the basic elements are presented; a white t-shirt is always a lifeline and can give you a fresh and neat attire. And how about a denim blazer as an alternative on top of it, instead of a classic denim jacket?





5. Summer Showers

The weather near the beach can be absurd most of the time, so remember to bring an outwear to carry along the vacation in case a rain shower comes along the way. This means you should also be bold in choosing the color of your outwear, plus its summer….show some color for the sake of the sun!





Photography by: Jan Jarell