The Ritual of classy and tailored suits is still there and is well preserved by its devotees where nowadays there’s a lot of stylistic variation; from the perfect suiting to comfort cuts and so on. But nowadays, there are some brands that are so good with their own creations, especially the young emerging designers that focus on quality rather than quantity – which is truly admiring – and one of them is – MONO-Y – a brand I am admiring for so long, noted for the minimal oversized silhouette, genderless and a drawing inspiration from contemporary tailoring. As a witness of this suit, the avant-garde lines and form of the garment are obviously seen, but not often this matter is essential, remember that the quality of the raw material is also crucial, the fabric that this brand assures is 100% Italian.

However, seeing myself dressed in an oversized suit is unusual, the manner of wearing slim suits dragged me into the deep sartorial mindset, which is a valuable experience. Wearing it is like a form of blasphemy in the midst of the community I am positioned, where the perfect customized suit (businessmen in suit and tie), is the main orientation. But, it’s not too late to practice other styles or cuts that can bring a new birth of idiosyncrasy. Remember that it’s also important to wear your confidence more than pulling-off an outfit and without this element, it’s a complete nonsense, or per se “soulless”.

  Are you open on experimenting new styles or not?











Photography: Roberta Pinna