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Do not feel shocked about this topic, I know it is not the usual heterosexual issue to follow and above all, if you are not willing to dare to step out from your comforting dressing routine, but it’s a style worth stealing. Just put in mind on wearing something different and/or new,  do not just focus on the feminine cuts and details of the garment otherwise, it is going to be just a losing game. We are not going out the box too much, we are not going to wear a “skirt” (well, not yet); I would like to focus and show you how the 60’ & 70’s style (particularly the must “wide leg pants”) is coming back on track this new coming season and how you might jump in by trying something that can create a vivid and cool contrast. So here some aspects to download and to for you to be applied in this crossgender outlook.


  1. Turn the tables – Think about how women had legalized the “TOMBOY” style-trend that permit themselves to have their own masculine pieces, fishing into their boyfriend stuff: jeans, tailored coats & blazer with bold shoulders, oversize sweaters… so basically any possible steal from their boyfriend’s closet.

So, why we could not do the same/the contrary, at least in part, of what women’s do, be a man for once and turn that feminine to a mannish suit.


  1. Size Always Matters – do not be confused about women’s size chart. Always double check the shoulder part on trying and fitting the blazer, I personally advise you to wear a size bigger than your usual one. . . in this case, most of the suits have wide-legged trousers, so keep in mind the importance of proportions. For the bottom part, oh well . . . feel free to have your own preference fitting, I have a thing for completely high-waist and perfect fit. The fitter the better, baby!

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3.       Remaining manly on suit theme – Even though you are aware that you are wearing a different cut of the suit, it does not mean you are banning yourself on acting like a gentleman. Being yourself is absolutely okay, but we are here today talking about having contrasting attitudes and remembering that it takes a lot of guts and confidence on pulling off this kind of style. So, how about, as a final touch, putting a pinch of “confidence boost” perfume?!

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_MG_4743 copy copy


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suit COS (for similar click here) | sneakers Bershka | silver Bangle URSUL |

Photography: Alessia Rodler

Location📍 Milan



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