How about going through the topic of the famous “Oxford bag” pants that were mysterious and achieved the popularity in the 1920’s, but also been cycled back in the 70’s and argued between 90’s and 2000s. I know the design of these pants are extremely hard to wear during this millennial era where slim and skinny are eye catching cuts of the moment.

Wide legged pants are starting to make their inevitable comeback, especially for high-fashion women, and they actually look a lot like Oxford bags: light materials, essentially classic in their construction and design, but outsized in their dimensions. Those wearing these pants today may not know it, but they’re perfect for slipping on over a pair of rowing shorts. But as the previous post, we talked about daring on how to pull off a women’s suit ( click here ), this is the same dare to dare style to approach or to try, if you are willing to break your style routine.

As you might see on the photo, I am wearing a suit which obviously is giving the right proportion of the pants and keeping them wearable without worrying what to wear on the top, even though it’s easy to just wear them with something oversize shirt or t-shirt making them clean and minimal. Just keep them wide, simple and young!


_MG_4837 copy

_MG_4882 copy

_MG_4894 copy_MG_4896 copy_MG_4899

suit COS | sneakers Bershka

Photography: Alessia Rodler & Jerome Centeno

Location📍 Milan

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