Surf’s up at Australia’s biggest beach! We got a chance to test Canon’s EOS Rebel T5 at the coolest place on earth.

Make : Canon
Model : Canon EOS REBEL T5
Exposure Time : 0.003125

Aperture : 4.970854
Focal Length : 270
ISO : 400

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Surf culture is the culture that includes the people, language, fashion, and lifestyle surrounding the sport of surfing. The history of surfing began with the ancient Polynesians. That initial culture directly influenced modern surfing, which began to flourish and evolve in the early 20th century, with popularity spiking greatly during the 1950s and 1960s (principally in Hawaii, Australia, and California). It continues to progress and spread throughout the world. It has at times affected popular fashion, music, literature, films, art, jargon, and more.